Diamond Pads

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Welcome to the technological evolution of nano abrasion for maximum ecological polished. If you use it you become her admirer. Maximo Diamond pad, polishing supply, created by the best to by the best.

Maximo Diamond pad. To a maximum finish to floor and wall of natural stone supply.

"Polish your thoughts and your heart will shine"

Maximo Diamond Pads®

If you have not used MaximoDiamondPads to polish marble or terrazzo, you do not know it's a quick and easy system use that offers a polished maximum.

Unique system of professional polishing. Quick and easy application without any experience needed for a MAXIMUM finish.

Comes in a 3 diamond disk package as well sets of individual disks. This new system allows quick and easy restoration of any type of pavement including marble and terrazzo. No professional experience is required for best results.

White fiber disks impregnated with three or four diamond sectors ( the amount varies by diameter) that give it a highly abrasive surface capable of grinding, sharpening and polishing in only three steps.


Removes surface scratches, stains filtered NOT GUARANTEED, remnants of previous treatments waxes or marble surface. Preferential use wet.


Lets completely polished and refined surface, erasing all the finest brands 1.Brightness caused by the pad matte. Preferential use wet.


With only water and green pads # 3 UN Reaches brightness that can easily be called " crystallized " for his finish , but it is completely mechanical and natural, it is the maximum in the market.

Pad 17''

Pad 20''


Daniel Angulo - MaximoPulido

Daniel Angulo